Why do we always go to Shantou Chenghai when looking for toys?

Why are all toys almost from Shantou Chenghai? I read a lot of articles and summarized them as below.

  1. Cheap productivity in China

Cheap labor costs are ubiquitous in the Chinese market, which makes production costs lower than in other countries, so Chinese products have a price advantage.
  1. Constant reform and innovation

The toys market has turned into the transition period, and many other factories have encountered development bottlenecks and cannot continue to survive. The Chaozhou-Shantou people pay attention to the needs of the group all the time. And Chenghai toys have always remained active during the transition period. Therefore, it can avoid becoming a victim of low value-added manufacturing. In 2003, Audi Toys took the lead in establishing the transformation strategy of “Anime + Toys”, and then launched a upgraded road for local businesses. The “Chenghai Toys Development Strategy” which is compiled at the end of 2013 shows: In 2009, the toy industry in the region basically formed the “Chenghai Model” of “Toys + Anime”, and it developed animation works and derived toy products. In 2012, they go towards to the field of  “Toys+Anime+Online game”. In the latest round of transformation, the trend of “do away with traditional toys” has become more apparent. Aofei Entertainment, Huawei Culture, Xinghui Interactive Entertainment, Chengxing Drone, Xiaobailong Anime, Caipo Science Education… , It is hard to imagine that they are relying on Toys started just from the names of these companies. Nowadays, if the toys enterprises in Chenghai can develop smoothly in the cross-boundary journey to to film and television, online games, and smart manufacturing?
  1. Keep up with the development of science and technology

Toys have always been low-end products, which are low in terms of technical content. Therefore, there are a lot of factories of traditional toys that cannot fast follow the development of technology-type toys. For Chengxing in 2013, it is better to gamble on UAV instead of waiting for orders to dry up. Jiahua Chen called all people together and began to research and develop UAV in October 2013. Around Sring Festival in 2014, the first sample of UAV was exploited, Jiahua Chen take the sample to the exhibition of toys in Nuremberg, Germany and New York, USA. He determined that he will do the transition to UAV. The first batch of UAV which produced by Chenxing in May 2014. In July, there were reorders and the number of orders increased. “From thousands to tens of thousands, then to one hundred thousand”. This year, Cheng Xing lived back from the death line, with sales exceeding 90 million at the end of the year, it almost three times the sales of last year.
  1. The support of Shantou government

The government supports the establishment of park and exhibition. There are many Shantou toys in various international exhibitions, such as Hong Kong Toy Fair, Canton Fair, Yiwu Fair; And many Chenghai factories have exhibition halls, offices and so on in Yiwu International Commodity Market.

It is not that the world choose Chenghai Shantou, but Chenghai choose toys.