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Shantou Traffic

Shantou/Chenghai airport (Jieyang = Shantou) B Jieyang – Beijing Jieyang – Bijie Jieyang – Baotou C Jieyang – Chengdu Jieyang – Changchun Jieyang – Changsha Jieyang – Chongqing E Jieyang – Ordos G Jieyang – Guiyang Jieyang – Guilin Jieyang – Guangzhou H Jieyang – Haikou Jieyang – Hangzhou Jieyang – Harbin J Jieyang-Jinan K Jieyang-Kunming […]

Why we go to Chenghai Shantou when we loking for toys?

Why did the world of toy production in Chenghai Shantou,China? I read a lot of articles and summarized them as below. Cheap productivity in China Cheap labor costs are ubiquitous in the Chinese market. The toys market has turned into the transition period, many factories have encountered development bottlenecks and cannot continue to survive. The […]

The Status of Chenghai Shantou in the world’s toys industry

     Chenghai is a place nearby the sea, where there are gorgeous mountains and rivers. 80% of the territory is plain, the Tropic of Cancer pass through the border. The natural environment of Chenghai is very superior, but the land is narrow with too many people. It is the county (district) with highest population […]

The Development History of Shantou Chenghai Toys

Toys is a key word of most people will think when it comes to Chenghai. Indeed, as a famous Toys & Gifts city in China, toys & gifts industry is the most dynamic and characteristic pillar industry of Chenghai, and it is also the first pillar industry of chenghai industrial economy. However, few people truly […]