Shantou Traffic

Shantou/Chenghai airport

Shantou/Chenghai airport(Jieyang = Shantou)

B Jieyang – Beijing Jieyang – Bijie Jieyang – Baotou

C Jieyang – Chengdu Jieyang – Changchun Jieyang – Changsha Jieyang – Chongqing

E Jieyang – Ordos

G Jieyang – Guiyang Jieyang – Guilin Jieyang – Guangzhou

H Jieyang – Haikou Jieyang – Hangzhou Jieyang – Harbin

J Jieyang-Jinan

K Jieyang-Kunming

L Jieyang-Lanzhou

N Jieyang – Nanyang Jieyang – Ningbo Jieyang – Nanning

Q Jieyang – Qijiang Jieyang – Qingdao

S Jieyang – Sanya Jieyang – Shanghai Jieyang – Shenyang Jieyang – Shijiazhuang

T Jieyang – Tianjin Jieyang – Tongren Jieyang – Tianshui

W Jieyang – Wenzhou Jieyang – Wuhan

X Jieyang – Xi’an Jieyang – Xingyi

Y Jieyang – Yinchuan Jieyang – Yiwu Jieyang – Yantai Jieyang – Yichang

Z Jieyang – Zhengzhou Jieyang – Zhuhai Jieyang – Zhoushan Jieyang – Zhanjiang Jieyang – Zhangjiajie Jieyang – Zhangjiakou


Shantou railway (Shantou/Chenghai)

Shantou railway (Shantou/Chenghai)

Shantou – Guangzhou

Shantou – Shanghai

Shantou – Shenzhen

Shantou – Yiwu (Yiwu market)

It is not convenient to take the train, cause there is no fast train, so we suggest that it is better to take airplane.


By car to Shantou/Chenghai

By car to Shantou/Chenghai

Q: How many kilometers from Guangzhou to Shantou?

R: More than 480 kilometers away from the high speed; It need take about more than seven hours

Q: How many kilometers from Shenzhen to Shantou?

R: Around 333.9 kilometers; It need take about more than six hours

Q: How far is Shantou to Hong Kong?

R: The geographical distance from Shantou to Hongkong is about 300 kilometers, and it will take about six hours by car, it is better to take airplane.

visit plan to shantou

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